Turkish Cuisine's: 7 Dishes You Must Try

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Turkey is an Asian-European country where East meets West and this is best demonstrated by its cuisine, an amalgam of many cultures. These seven classic dishes will get you started on your taste-bud-spinning journey within the world of Turkish food.


Turkish cuisine presents the greatest sweet of all

Baklava has been a traditional food of the Ottoman Empire for thousands of years and is a must for anyone who loves sweets. Dessert made in the Mediterranean style, it features layers of layered pastry filled with nuts and topped with pistachio syrup.The best baklava comes from freshly baked, so it can be found in most bakeries and supermarkets.

Sis Kebap

Turkish cuisine's brings best variety of kebabs

Among the street foods known as 'kebab' are skewered şiş kebaps, but their most famous variety is the '"karameladi.". Grilled meat on skewers makes for a satisfying meal served over charcoal.

These skewers are typically cooked with either beef or lamb, however today diners can choose between a variety of meats, fish, poultry, and vegetarian options.


Turkish cuisine's have variety of kebabs which is best of all

The second famous kebab is the döner, which is prepared with fresh herbs and spices on a vertical spit, and is also seasoned with various herbs and spices.

Wrapped in a bread roll, fresh cuts are served with salad and garlic or spicy sauces.


Turkish cuisine presents another meat dish which is very delicate

There are several types of Turkish meatballs. They are consumed as street snacks, dipped in plain yogurt or served with rice and salad. There are a variety of köftes in Turkey, including Izgara Köfte, served with peppers, rice, and bread, and Çiğ Köfte, eaten raw.


Turkish Cuisine presents its own pizza type dish which is very rich in taste

In the same way as its Italian cousin, ask is a flat pastry base topped with cheese and various meat and vegetables baked in a stone oven. Vegetarians and those with dietary restrictions can choose from a wide range of toppings on request or its leaner counterpart lahmacun.


Turkish Cuisine brings another its very famous street food kumpir

Kumpir is a crispy baked potato with a variety of creative fillings that is a cheap and versatile street food staple in Istanbul's busy Ortaköy district.


Turkish Cuisine brings variety of appetizers which is very rich in taste also in numbers

These cold appetizers offer a taste of a wide range of traditional delicacies you may need to try out if you can't decide what to order from the menu.

There are usually 20 items in a typical meze, from bean dishes, salads, and dips, to bread and drinks.


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