What is the most common food in Turkey?

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Turkey is famous all over the world for its delicious food. Meat is a common food in Turkey. Rice, vegetable dishes, and bread are also part of everyday dishes. From the Ottoman Empire, mutton, and chicken, have been an important part of the diet.

Wheat cultivation is not possible in the Eastern Black Sea due to heavy rainfall, the food of the inhabitants consists of corn and corn flour. Kebabs from Eastern Anatolia are very popular. Vegetables made from olive oil are common in Aegean. Istanbul, Turkey's cultural center, has its Turkish cuisine.

Below are some common Turkish foods:


Baklava is a sweet dish that has been a popular part of Turkish cuisine since the Ottoman period. It is made from pastries, Butter, honey, and different nuts. It is known as a famous dessert in Iran, Balkan, Southern, Central Asia, South Caucasus, and Arab countries.



If you are in Turkey try the meatballs there!

Kofte, also known as meatballs, is a traditional dish in Turkish cuisine. Ingredients needed to make this delicious dish include qeema, copra, breadcrumbs, roasted gram, and other spices.

Kebap (used P instead of B):


Turkish kebabs are famous all over the world. Have you tried our kebabs?

 In Turkey, kebabs are considered a restaurant ornament. Their origins date back to the Middle East. It has different types, where sliced ​​meat is cooked on a skewer. Mutton or Lamb is traditionally used to make this. In some areas, these are made from the meat of goats, chickens, and fish.


Dolma made from vine leaves is a popular and traditional Turkish dish. It is famous in many regions such as Anatolia, Iran, Eastern Mediterranean, and Central Asia because of its superb taste.



It is a common food in Turkish cuisineWhere Turkish dishes are popularTurkish Mezes are famous all over the worldA typical meze consists of more than 20 plattersincluding Saladolivesfried vegetablesdrizzled feta cheesestuffed musselsand many more.

Manti (manty, mantu, manta):

Manti made from mutton or beef is very popular in Turkey. It is popular in many regions, such as Balkan, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Russia, Swat, and many other countries because of its delicious taste. It is a traditional Turkish dish prepared by boiling meat.


Pide, also known as Pizza in Turkey, is made from cheese, meat, a variety of vegetables, and mozzarella seeds.


This is the famous meat dish and flatbread in the Middle East and Turkey. The ingredients needed to make it are lamb or beef qeema, and minced vegetables ( including onions, garlic, tomatoes, red peppers, parsley, and paprika). It is most popular in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, and Arab countries.









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