Turkish cuisine: Best Turkish summer food and drinks

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As the summer season begins, the foods of Turkish restaurants also change. In summer, fried vegetables are the main food in Turkey, vegetables include especially eggplant, cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes pepper, and potatoes are served with yogurt sauce. The Turkish people like halva as dessert which contains less amount of sugar.

Turkey has some of the most delicious summer dishes in the world, and you can make many of these delicious foods at home.

The following are the most common summer foods in Turkish cuisine.

Poached egg (Cilbir):

poached egg

Cilbir is a Turkish word that is used for one egg dish in Turkey. This dish has been the favorite food of the Ottoman sultans since the 15th century. In many countries, such as Bosnia, Montenegro, and Serbia čimbur word is used for this dish. In Turkey, eggs, ginger, vinegar, butter, salt, and pepper are used to make this dish. It is one of the most easily prepared and famous food in Turkish restaurants.

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Menemon (food):


Menemon is a famous Turkish summer food same as shakshouka. This dish is mostly served in breakfast with bread. To make the dish diced tomatoes, onions (sautéed with heated oil), sucuk (dried salami like sausage), and white cheese are used.

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Stuffed squash blossoms:

Stuffed squash blossoms:

In Turkey cuisine, this dish is made from squash blossoms, and is known as a stuffed squash blossoms dish. Squash flowers are readily available in Mediterranean markets. Squash flowers have to break before sunrise because they later wither from the heat of the sun. This dish is made with egg yolk, chopped mint, grated parmigiana, and all-purpose flour.

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Yalanci dolma (fake dolma):

Yalanci dolma (fake dolma):

In Middle Eastern cuisine, Yalanci dolma is common. It literally means “stuffed in Turkish”. This is considered an important summer food because it refreshes the palate. It is also called fake dolma because this uses rice and pine instead of meat. This dish is made with vine leaves, chopped onions, Chopped dill, fresh spearmint, olive oil, pepper, and lemons.




The word Kisir is especially known as a salad. But in Turkey cuisine, it serves as a dish. This dish is made with a bulgar (cereal food originating in West Asian cuisine), parsley, tomato, olive oil, and lemon juice. This dish is similar to cig kofte.

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‘Cacik’ (JAH’-Juck) is a simple dish. This dish is used in Turkey as a summer cold dish. The ingredients needed to make this dish are cucumbers, virgin olive oil, yogurt, dried drill, fresh mint leaves, chopped garlic, and black pepper. Cacik is served before or after your meal or with different dishes like meatballs, kofte, kebab, etc.

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Turkish summer drinks:

summer drinks

The following are some most common summer Turkish drinks:

Ayran (Turkish yogurt drink):


Ayran is a traditional Turkish drink made from yogurt. You will easily find it in almost every restaurant in Turkey. It is also known as DOOGH, DAW, and, XYNOGALA. It is popular in West Asia, South Asia, and Europe. It needs salt, fresh yogurt, and water to make.

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Raki is derived from the Turkish word’ ra 'kw’ which means "alcoholic beverage". It is the national drink of the Turks. It is made from grapes and fennel. It originated in the Ottoman Empire and is now popular in the Balkans, Kazakhstan, East Asia, and the Mediterranean.

Turkish tea:


Turkish tea is not like ordinary tea so it is drunk in all seasons. It is always presented in glass cups. This tea is famous all over the world. In Turkey, about 3.2 kg of tea is consumed in a year. The restaurant Istanbul Grill is famous for its Turkish Tea that located in the USA.


      Black Tea

      Apple tea

Black Tea:

Black tea

Black Tea is also called Rez tea. It is a famous drink in turkey province Rez.

Apple Tea:

Apple tea

In the Northern region of Turkey Apple tea is common. It is made from pieces of apples.

Salgam suyu (turnip water):

Salgam suyu (turnip water):

Salgam suyu (turnip water) is the famous juice of the South Central Region. It is also common in Mersin and Adana. The ingredients used to make it is black carrot, salt, and beetroot.

Pomegranate Juice:


Pomegranate juice is beneficial for health. It plays an important role in the cure of cancer, and heart disease. It is simply made with the help of pomegranate and sugar.

What is the most famous drink in turkey?

Turkish Tea is the most famous drink in Turkey.

What is the best drink in turkey?

Raki is the best drink in turkey.

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