Famous meat dishes in Turkey

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In the periods of Ottoman sultans, lamb meat was very famous. With the passage of time, it has become part of our daily diet, it's commonly used in wedding ceremonies or during Eid ul -Adha.

The main use of meat in cooking is with vegetables, such as Kiymali ispanak (spinach, ground meat) served with yogurt.

Here are some delicious dishes of meat that are famous all over the world, especially in Turkish cuisine, which you can easily prepare at home.


Hunker begendi

This dish is common in Istanbul and was first prepared in the 19th century for Napoleon's wife. Hunkarbegendi, also called beğendi is a traditional Turkish dish that is made with eggplant, lamb, milk, cheese, olive oil, garlic, lemon, tomato sauce dish in Ottoman cuisine.



In Adapazarı (is the capital of Sakarya province in Turkey) kofte is a traditional Turkish dish that is walnut-sized fried meatballs are served with bread slices.

This dish is made with beef, rice, garlic, onion, tomato paste, breadcrumbs, and eggs. This is available in different varieties and shapes, in eastern Turkey, the most popular variety is icli kofte.



In Turkish cuisine, sarma is a famous dish that is filled with leafy vegetables. This is originated in the period of the Ottoman Empire and now it is also traditionally found in the Balkans, central Europe, and the Middle East.

To make this delicious dish ingredients include Beef, Rice, garlic, chard, cabbage, rice, and onion.



Tantuni is a tasty dish in which meat is cut into small pieces, boiled in a hot water then fried in cotton oil.

The fried meat is seasoned with black pepper, salt, green pepper, skinless tomato, chopped onion, and parsley, served with bread.  In Turkey cuisine, it is a special dish of Mersin (On the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey, it is the biggest city).



In Turkish cuisine, the Kavurma word is used for roasted meat made with tomato, onion, black pepper, and mushrooms. This is the famous dish in the great month of Ramzan.



Turlu is derived from the Turkish word Turlug meaning "variety". It is made with simmered vegetables and stewed meat.

In Bulkan cuisine, different varieties are available, in Albania known as turli perimesh, tourlou in Greece. This dish is made with lamb meat, tomato, okra, green beans, garlic, and pepper paste.

Doner kebab:


Doner kebab is famous throughout the world, made with meat cooked on a vertical skewer. In Istanbul, there are kebab is prepared with beef or lamb, flatbread, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, and onion.

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